We are a not for profit non-governmental organization founded in 1991 that works to develop and strengthen the art market:

• by motivating and promoting contemporary art production,
• professionalizing the various actors in the art world,
• building bridges to the international community,
• attracting and committing a new public to the practice of collecting.

Since its formation 29 years ago, we have organized one of the most important contemporary art fairs in the region, promoting Argentine and Latin American art, with the aim to continue placing this art in the world market.

We have developed various activities held before and during the Fair, which are part of an annual strategy which we are able to carry out thanks to our status as a not for profit organization, which allows us to have sponsorships, grants, and special programs, and to work with our focus on the long term.

We have created a center for trade, fully aware as we are that, by starting from our activating a system of artworks to circulate in, we stimulate networks for circulation and artistic exchange on the international map. In this way it becomes possible for more people to approach contemporary art.