Tomasello y Espinosa. En torno al cuadrado
Manuel Espinosa, Luis Tomasello
20.09.19 | 10.11.19

The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires | Fundación Aldo Rubino and the Asociación de Amigos del MACBA presented Tomasello y Espinosa. En torno al cuadrado. Curated by Ayelén Vázquez and Joaquín Almeida, the exhibition formulated an unprecedented dialogue between the work of Luis Tomasello (Buenos Aires, 1915–Paris, 2014) and Manuel Espinosa (La Plata, 1912–2006). Its proposal revolved around the square, the shape both artists used to explore color. With this show, the museum once again confirmed “the importance of Latin American kinetic art and the foundations of its international significance.”

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Manuel Espinosa, Axchawz, 1973, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150 cm. Ph: Courtesy of MACBA

The two artists differ, however, in their chromatic choices which, in both cases, are not only distinctive but also central to their artistic thought. Also different is their treatment of the square. Transparency is essential to Espinosa’s art, whereas in Tomasello’s reflected light predominates. While Tomasello is interested in the cube and all its formal variants, Espinosa studies the dynamic and displaced square in planes of color. “Through the use of these resources, both generate impressions on the canvas that demonstrate the difficulties of visual perception, while introducing a reflection on the act of seeing, where appearances make the ability to apprehend the reality of things complex.” Notwithstanding, MACBA concludes, through the exhibition, that it was “perhaps more because of the geographical distances that separate them—Tomasello moved to Paris in 1975 and Espinosa lived in Buenos Aires until his death—than [because of] aesthetics [that] these two artists had never done an exhibition together, until now. The passage of time represented in their work would be in charge of joining them in the same space, full of that color and light that they so longed to discover.”

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Luis Tomasello, Objet plastique N° 687, 1990, relief, 125 cm x 125 cm x 7 cm. Ph: Courtesy of MACBA

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