arteBA Foundation presents a new project with which, in the framework of the celebration of our 25th anniversary, we have decided to broaden its contribution to advocating and increasing the visibility of contemporary art from Argentina. The project consists of a periodical to be published twice a year (in May and November) that will encompass a large portion of what has happened in Argentine art over the course of the previous six months.

The course of the publication, beginning with its cover and encompassing the first half of its pages, consists of a visual exploration of the shows held at commercial galleries during the previous six months. The second half contains wall texts, list of artworks, and other information about each show; a summary of what has taken place at non-commercial institutions and organizations; the most important contributions of Argentine artists to foreign institutions during the period; and a map of recommended readings that expands the theoretical and bibliographical frame of reference for the edition.

Each issue closes with a special section that provides a reflexive vision of contemporary art in the global context.

The magazine has an editorial board that, for two issues, will curate its editorial section. For the inaugural year, the members of the editorial board for #01 and #02 were Inés Katzenstein, Rafael Cippolini and Santiago García Navarro and Dorota Biczel, Andrea Giunta and Santiago Vargas will be in charge of #03 and #04.

It is our hope that arteBA Revista will prove a stimulating record that, with the passage of time, will become a reference document of Argentine contemporary art of its time.


“Let others be normal”, issue number 6 from January/ December 2018, presents for the first time the contents of an entire year in a single volume with more pages. It includes the register of more than 73 exhibitions and participation of Argentine artists in institutional spaces and in commercial galleries in the country and abroad. In addition, a compendium of artist’s books, monographs, catalogs and editions of Argentine artists published during the year. Lastly, Miguel López and Agustín Pérez Rubio, guest editors of this issue, present “Let others be the norm”, an 80-page dossier that proposes a visual tour of various sex-dissident, transfeminist, gay, lesbian and queer genealogies in history of art in Argentina.

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Issue number 5, corresponding to the July / December 2017 semester, brings together 51 shows of contemporary Argentine artists exhibited in galleries and cultural institutions in the country and abroad. Also, a talk with Renato Mauricio Fumero and Alejo Ponce de León about four one-day shows at a market in Villa Crespo. “Why are those women shouting?” It is a selection of the editors presented in a visual dossier and, finally, a conversation by Leticia Obeid and Agustín Pérez Rubio with Delia Cancela, Nora Fisch, Cristina Schiavi, Teresa Riccardi and Fátima Pecci Carou on the invisibility of the artistic production of women in Argentina.

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This edition covers the period January / June 2017. It presents a visual tour of a selection of samples in commercial galleries and a summary of the program of contemporary Argentine art in institutions in Argentina and abroad. Also, an overview of the parallel program that led to the participation of Argentina as a guest country in ARCO Madrid 2017 that includes a talk between the General Curator Sonia Becce, Renato Mauricio Fumero and Mariano Mayer. Finally, the editorial board raises the second part of the questions on “Uncertain Decolonizations”, taking the discussion to the field of daily violence and the #NiUnaMenos debate.

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21 exhibitions of contemporary Argentine artists exhibited in July / December 2016, a debate on Uncertain Decolonizations by Andrea Giunta, a special collaboration by Gonzalo Aguilar on Verboamérica (MALBA Collection), news about Marcia Schwartz in the Fortabat Collection, Max Gómez Canle at the Klemm Foundation, Julio Le Parc at the Pérez Museum Miami (PAMM), Eduardo Navarro at the Sao Paulo Biennial and extensive photographic documentation of the first edition of arteBA Focus, among other exhibitions in the country and abroad.

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20 shows of contemporary Argentine artists exhibited in January / June 2016, an interview by Santiago García Navarro on Futures to Ezequiel Gatto and a conversation between Osías Yanov, Julieta Massacese and Silvio Lang on “Moving in a group: queer and variable methods for the future”. A talk by Alejandra Aguado with Lara Mármor, Federico Baeza and Sebastián Vidal Mackinson about Oasis, the exhibition curated for Dixit at arteBA 2016 accompanied by extensive photographic documentation, news about Horacio Zabala in the Fortabat Collection, Edgardo Antonio Vigo at the MAMBA and Pablo Bronstein at Tate Modern, among other exhibitions in the country and abroad, articles on activities in Proyecto PAC, La ira de dios and Marabunta Studio Visits.

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16 shows of contemporary Argentine artists exhibited in July / December 2015, a conversation about the future between Mauricio Corbalán, Reinaldo Laddaga and Graciela Speranza, moderated by Juliana Gontijo, a talk by Eduardo Basualdo, Ernesto Ballesteros and Ana Gallardo about their participation in the 56th Venice Biennale, news about Adrián Villar Rojas at the Istanbul Biennial, La Menesunda according to Marta Minujín, The democracy of the symbol of Leandro Erlich, among other exhibitions in the country and abroad, articles on the Artists Program of the Di Tella University, URRA, Móvil, Yungas and an extensive bibliography recommended by the Editorial Board.

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